You and your fellow crew mates find yourself aboard a spaceship.  That’s the good news, the bad news is the engines are dead and you’re drifting towards  a black hole.  According to the on board computers you have just 1 hour to restore power or you’re all doomed.

Setting a new level in escape game immersion, this room does not have a single padlock.  From the moment you step on board Interstellar you’ll be immersed in the environment, loosing all links to planet earth until you can successfully restore power to your vessel.

60 minutes may sound like a long time, but it goes very quickly when danger is imminent.  This is a 5* room, with lots to do within the hour.  Be warned, there’s no time to rest in this game.  Bring your crew mates, you’re going to need as many helping hands as you can find.